Shot Blasting.. The naked truth about Gus!

With the dodgy areas identified, Gus61, was stripped of windows and rubbers, marked up and shotblasted at SilverLiningRestoration to find all the holes and bodges from his 50+ Years of abuse and neglect. 🙂


From a visual inspection the areas of concern are marked off and Gus61 is sent to the shot-blaster for paint and rust removal. What we will find…. mmmmmm… hopefully some steel!

The tinworm has been busy on this splitscreen. Although relatively dry, there is quite a lot missing and obviously plenty of repair panels and work ahead. And of course a complete overhaul of everything else.

Let there be light! There is, and it’s shining right through the floor(s)


I’ll get and order that new sill then.

The whole driver’s side was full of body filler and a whole line of rivets ? or perhaps they are from a panel pulling tool… Gus61 is a survivor of some serious mistreatment with lots of evidence of impact damage around at the rear end and the passenger side. ( Don’t forget it’s a LHD )


…. someone had also been busy with the rivet gun trying to hold the rear qtr panel together.

So we get a good picture. Onward and upward, it’s time to work out what panels are needed and get them ordered. The Panel List

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