This is where it starts.. Gus at SilverliningAutoRestoration

Silverlining purchased Gus61 a 1961 VW SplitScreen from a US haulage and towing company.

Gus61 was then purchased from Silver Lining Auto Restoration in the U.S. by our man Dave, after a drunken night that ended with big dreams of Split Screen ownership and adventures. ( so the story goes anyway )

Silverlining were then commissioned to shot-blast Gus61, remove any bad sections, replacing all the rotted out bits with funky green panels from KlassicFab. Welding complete, Gus61 shipped to the UK. Dave’s plan was to complete the work himself, now that the heavy lifting so to speak had been completed.

However…. and this is probably a typical thing in the worlds of VW’s, Dave then ( probably on another beer-fuelled night out ) bought himself a Karmann Ghia… Mrs Dave put her foot down and something had to go… that’s where I come in.

I wasn’t drunk but I am little green when it comes to VW restoration… How hard can it be.. there’s not a lot to them etc.. etc… ( lol )

Anyway, here are the pics of Gus from SilverLining’s site, before the shot-blasting and welding commenced..




The shotblasting of a 1961 VW Splitscreen called Gus61…..

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