Welcome to Gus61.com

Gus61 ia a 1961 VW SplitScreen Van / EZ Camper conversion. You can see him in the picture above. The plan is that he is going to get fixed up to produce a usable camper for the UK. He’s left hand drive and going to stay that way for now at least.

This site will be documenting all of the major stages of the work for entertainment, ( possible educational ) purposes and maybe even to inspire others to take on a similar project.

So as already stated, Gus is a 1961 VW Splitscreen. He was manufactured in January 1961, in Germany as a panel van, and then exported to the USA where it was converted to a camper by EZ or Sundial. There is no proof of this other  than the air stream windows which both EZ and Sundail used. Judging by the cutouts for the windows they had a jigsaw but not a Straightedge!

Gus61 will be kept pretty stock, but then again; we will see where we end up on that…

The blog starts with the work in the USA and then moves on to work completed by myself in the UK.